Capital Raising

We provide capital raising services for our clients with regards to positioning equity, mezzanine financing in addition to senior and subordinated debt. We tailor solutions in order to minimize dilution and optimize capital structure which could potentially involve an amalgamation of debt and equity.

We will undertake private offerings to benefit

  • - Companies who want to raise capital while remaining private
  • - Early stage companies who want to raise growth capital but are not ready to become public entities
  • - Public companies who wish to issue private securities

Enterprise Acquisitions assist our clients in identifying and structuring tailored corporate finance solutions. Our process and services include:

Planning Stage

  • - Assist in determining short/long term financing needs
  • - Provide advice on capital structure
  • - Create Executive Memoranda and/or Private Placement Memoranda, including pro forma financials and capitalization tables
  • - Prepare investor presentations

Marketing Stage

  • - Identify and contact potential capital providers; including venture capitalists, private equity, hedge funds, investment banks and commercial lenders
  • - Management meetings with investors
  • - Prepare investor presentations

Funding Stage

  • - Assisting in valuation and advising on the financing terms on offer
  • - Performing due diligence
  • - Ongoing advice on funding and growth planning
  • - Representing the company and assisting in the possible sale or divestitures


Enterprise Acquisitions was incorporated in 2002 with the goal of providing merger and acquisition advice and services to a wide range of international clients.

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Here at Enterprise Acquisitions we provide comprehensive advice in connection with a wide range of M&A issues that are of great importance to our clients.

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We at Enterprise Acquisitions are committed to finding qualified and experienced professionals who understand the value and importance of working for a firm who strive to develop all employees both personally and financially.

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